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ok well yesterday I spent the night at katie's it was awsome.we were really bored at first cuz like we had to watch her lil sis but then we got on the computer and were like realy hyper and started sending theese like noises and sounds to erynn it was hilarious.then me and katie had a shoe fight when we were trying to go to bed and i was like creeping katie out by telling her storys about clowns.and i wanted to hurt katie cuz she like kept me up all night with her VERY loud snoring!today when we woke up he he(laughs to self)we went dowstairs to look for the weels on the bus thing which makes me crack up(long story)and we made a fashiion show with her dresses downstairs i wore this purple fluffy dress outside while katie wore the goth suit and i was sitting on the sidewalk when a car drove by and stoped by me AND WAS LIKE LOOKING AT ME WEIREDLY AND SAID 'going to renasons festival?'and i was like'o yea'then she was like'have fun!'.yea lol then kelsey came over and we went to vp and after kate and kelsey toke pictures outside vp for like an hour and it got anoying!well yea that was my weekend ill update later.

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