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Last night i went to the homecomming game at mott and met up with ali and taylor.but then we all met up with kelli shannon katie kelsey erynn Jackie and other people i cant think of right now.kelseys sister was nominated homecoming queen and jackies's sister was homecmoming queen.mott lost but we wernt really watching the taylor shannon and kelli joined this game of tackle football the crary and mason people started over in this empty spot and taylor kept on tackiling everyone.yea and i saw alot of people in knew like cady and amy from my basketball team.theese dudes kept on going up to me and scince i was wearing a greenday shiry they would keep on yesling green day!and what got really anoying was when erynn thought she saw this guy she knew so she was like its him!wait no its not.wait yes it is!for like an hour and it turned out it wasnt the guy! yea well i might go to the movies tonight but ill update later.
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