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GO TO A SHOW! [Jun. 21st, 2008| 11:58am]
hey Bert (0) wtf.

tegan and sara [Aug. 27th, 2007| 9:34pm]
tegan and sara rock!
hey Bert (0) wtf.

animation [Aug. 17th, 2007| 10:07pm]
Hey you know sometimes during paramores live shows jermey sometimes flips over josh's back?well i was wounderin if anyone had an animation of it?Thank you!
hey Bert (1) wtf.

[Oct. 5th, 2005| 7:51pm]
[ mood | confused ]

today was ok but i had alot of homework and we had the meep so uhhhh!well after school i had a game against clarkston on the way there on the bus kelli stole my ipod and woudnt give it back:(!we lost our game we should of won but o well i got to see nicole(duck)and jenna and i also saw delany who i havent seen for like 2 years!ya then when i got home i talked on line ya and talked on the phone with taylor and erynn o ya and taylor made up her theme song 'flying through the stars on magic choclate bars!'ya then erynn was like forcing her to sing it on the phoone anyway!ill update later.........

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[Oct. 2nd, 2005| 11:10am]
[ mood | crazy ]

yesterday i went to the mall for a new hoodie i got this cool corpse bride one from hot topic only it was odd cuz i saw erynn there and i was like whoa erynn in hot topic odd!ya well then i went to the movies with taylor ali and taylors dad to see corpse bride then after that we droped ali off at home then i went over to taylors till like 8:30 then we went over to adams for a bon fire.there was like 14 kids over there and we were playing cops and robers.it was great cuz taylor was beating up this 9th grader who plays football,then when me missy and adam were hiding i was throing headhoges at them lol ya well today i have to go to my aunts ill update later................

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the best of me-the starting line [Sep. 25th, 2005| 7:20pm]
[ mood | calm ]

ummmmm..........hmmmmmmm..........uhhhhhhhhhhh...o ya today wasfun aorund 2 i went to the movies with kelsey taylor erynn and kait(erynns friend)to see cry wolf.it was good but it should have been scarier o well.ya thats pretty much all i did today tomarow we have the day off and on tuesday were playing peirce so it should be a good game well ill update later.............

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[Sep. 21st, 2005| 7:49pm]
[ mood | bored ]

today was awsome school was boaring...BUT at our game we palyed this pontiac team and we did bad the first half but kicked there buts the second half and ended up winning like 11 to to twenty somthing.

yea well ill update l8er cuz im really bored and this isnt amusing me....

hey Bert (2) wtf.

[Sep. 20th, 2005| 7:04pm]
[ mood | blah ]

today was boring as usual.school was boaring exept it was really weired cuz our math teacher mrs.albery walked on her hands for us and it was creepy.basketball bracktice was ok exept we had to run but not as much as we did last practice.yea well ill update l8er.

hey Bert (0) wtf.

[Sep. 18th, 2005| 12:41am]
taday was so fun.me haley taylor and ali all went to the movies to see the exersisom of emily rose it wasnt scary but it was really good.then ali went home and me and haley went to taylors.and we were on the phone with erynn till like 11 then we had to get off then we used taylor video camera to make a movie of haley running down the street yelling edward hungry(lol had to be there)yea then haley went home then i was trying to figure how to do this thing scott showed me but yea it didnt work well ill update tomarow....
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[Sep. 17th, 2005| 12:05pm]
Last night i went to the homecomming game at mott and met up with ali and taylor.but then we all met up with kelli shannon katie kelsey erynn Jackie and other people i cant think of right now.kelseys sister was nominated homecoming queen and jackies's sister was homecmoming queen.mott lost but we wernt really watching the game.me taylor shannon and kelli joined this game of tackle football the crary and mason people started over in this empty spot and taylor kept on tackiling everyone.yea and i saw alot of people in knew like cady and amy from my basketball team.theese dudes kept on going up to me and scince i was wearing a greenday shiry they would keep on yesling green day!and what got really anoying was when erynn thought she saw this guy she knew so she was like its him!wait no its not.wait yes it is!for like an hour and it turned out it wasnt the guy! yea well i might go to the movies tonight but ill update later.
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[Sep. 15th, 2005| 9:08pm]
[ mood | green ]

well yesterday wa sour first basketball game and we won 50 to 4 yea its kind of sad.. well anyway today was boaring did boaring stuff in every class exept in technology i had to do part of adams dylans and nigels cube and it got really anoying exept dylan payed me 15,00 tech dollars for doing his but it was still anoying.i have practice tomarow and a game on monday ill probly end up going to the homecomming football game tomarow cuz ill be board well ill update later...

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[Sep. 9th, 2005| 8:29pm]
[ mood | weird ]

well i havent updated lately cuz ive been busy with school but well i made the school basketball team this week yea we should do pretty good at our gome on the fourteenth.yea well today i went to school(likenormal)then i went to practice yea it was fun then me and kelsey were really bored online so we were talking to random people on the internet and scaring them yea that was great.band has been fun latley i think were learning more with mr.braue but id rather have mr.g.o yea and i have to sit by a crazy kid in la and srt his name is justin and he callls people bacon bits and he says random stuff like every two seconds its actually kind of entertaning tho.yea well ill update later.:)

p.s theres a new my chemical romance video out and to see it if u alrteady havent go to mtv.com or to my my space(find link in profile on aim)to check it out.

hey Bert (1) wtf.

[Sep. 5th, 2005| 6:42pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

i just got back from camping and it was fun.it was boring in the day time but it was fun at night like when me ali syd jill shaun and nathanle went to the corn field and when we were in the game room and the guy in the dreadlocks was like stalking us.and it got anoying cuz jill would keep on lighting matches and snifing them.it was great when we were walking in the woods at night and shaun flung a lit match and almost caught a tree on fire yea w/e ill bbl

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[Sep. 1st, 2005| 3:13pm]
[ mood | good ]

yes schools over for the weekend!well tonight im going camping with my mom ali and tims family so its gonna be fun hopefully.yes well i gotta leave to go now so bye

hey Bert (2) wtf.

[Aug. 29th, 2005| 5:41pm]
[ mood | he looks funny! ]

well today was my first day back to school and it was okay.but it sucked tho cuz i couldnt open my fricken locker so i was like kicking it for 5 minutes but it wouldnt open so i just put my stuff in dj's locker but i guess my locker is gonna be fixed tomarow.all the classes were boaring cuz we did nothing exept in tech we made paper airplains which was fun i guess.....

hey Bert (1) wtf.

[Aug. 26th, 2005| 7:51pm]
[ mood | creative ]

today me my mom syd syd's friend ali and taylor all went to the mall but me taylor and ali went and looked around by ourselves yea.then i had to get my hair cut and my hairdresser was like trying to make me talk but i didnt want to there like awww ur hairs so preety and im like in my head shut up!yea then i came home and played this scary game.....

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... [Aug. 23rd, 2005| 9:42pm]
[ mood | cold ]

today i went shopping for school suplies then i went over to katies for her party me and ali just sat there tho while they swam and ali told me this odd yet scary yet nasty story it reminds me of the story katie told me lol ew... well yea anyway katies party was fun we stoped at kunudsen oon our way back from her party and there adding onto it and the playground brought me back many memories of 3rd grade like on my first day of school when taylor hit me in the head with a football(lol)yea then we saw ms.sturgis(third grade teacher)o and then this girl on aim was talking to me her name is stella and shes preety coolyea today was awsome.


hey Bert (0) wtf.

[Aug. 23rd, 2005| 12:38pm]
[ mood | thinking ]

ok i didnt update yesterday so....i went to the mall for school clothes and stuff and i got a new pair of shoes a taking back sunday t-shirt and a poster from hottopic yea it was fun i guess......today im going shopping for school suplies which is gonna be BOARING but o well...6 more days till school starts:)

hey Bert (0) wtf.

[Aug. 21st, 2005| 8:21pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

ok well yesterday I spent the night at katie's it was awsome.we were really bored at first cuz like we had to watch her lil sis but then we got on the computer and were like realy hyper and started sending theese like noises and sounds to erynn it was hilarious.then me and katie had a shoe fight when we were trying to go to bed and i was like creeping katie out by telling her storys about clowns.and i wanted to hurt katie cuz she like kept me up all night with her VERY loud snoring!today when we woke up he he(laughs to self)we went dowstairs to look for the weels on the bus thing which makes me crack up(long story)and we made a fashiion show with her dresses downstairs i wore this purple fluffy dress outside while katie wore the goth suit and i was sitting on the sidewalk when a car drove by and stoped by me AND WAS LIKE LOOKING AT ME WEIREDLY AND SAID 'going to renasons festival?'and i was like'o yea'then she was like'have fun!'.yea lol then kelsey came over and we went to vp and after kate and kelsey toke pictures outside vp for like an hour and it got anoying!well yea that was my weekend ill update later.


hey Bert (0) wtf.

[Aug. 18th, 2005| 9:28pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

ok well today was boaring.i went to alis(im not saying alis boaring or anything)and we were like either on the comp talking or playing video games.we played oo7 while ali was on the phone with erynn and we were like screaming to make erynn mad it was fun.then me and ali got sooooo bored we watched zack(alis bro) and zacks girlfriend(erynns sis)talk.then me and ali went down stairs to her comp and scaned pictures of our hands and printed them but my fingers look deformed.gah im so anxious for school to start!


hey Bert (0) wtf.

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