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well i havent updated lately cuz ive been busy with school but well i made the school basketball team this week yea we should do pretty good at our gome on the fourteenth.yea well today i went to school(likenormal)then i went to practice yea it was fun then me and kelsey were really bored online so we were talking to random people on the internet and scaring them yea that was has been fun latley i think were learning more with mr.braue but id rather have mr.g.o yea and i have to sit by a crazy kid in la and srt his name is justin and he callls people bacon bits and he says random stuff like every two seconds its actually kind of entertaning tho.yea well ill update later.:)

p.s theres a new my chemical romance video out and to see it if u alrteady havent go to or to my my space(find link in profile on aim)to check it out.
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